build products that delight. And lead teams that embrace disruption and each other.

This is what I believe

I believe that every great product is derived from empathy. This means the first task in organizational and product leadership is to build the foundational practices necessary to return meaningful disruption - authenticity, trust, accountability, and fearlessness. Here are five things I'm an expert at

Digital  Innovation 
Activist Product Management 

Self-Service Platform Development 

Design thinking   & Agile management 

Growth & Scaling Excellence

I deliver innovation as a scaleable practice and team sport.

I've invested the length of my professional career doing exactly what I love and sharing what I've learned with others. In that way, I consider myself infinitely blessed. I attribute this largely to my experiences immigrating to the United States at a young age with my mother and sister. The values I embrace professionally are the same values with which we made our lives and reputations in our community. Whether lifting ourselves in a new community, working three jobs to pay for college or later being honored as a Fellow at Stanford University this is what I have learned - everything you achieve comes in equal measure by your dedication to those around you. I live my life by a simple maxim: Embrace trust, reject fear.

I work at the intersection of tech, media, and advertising. I've collaborated and worked on over a dozen startups, founded two. One exited, the other is an industry leader. I've employed hundreds and raised millions in VC funding along the way.


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